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Truth: NG & Pokémon

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Still think Newgrounds is totally anti-Pokémon? Maybe take a look at this, and see if you think differently after word. Of course, don’t take any of this too seriously, perhaps most of it is probably coincidental, or something else.

And of course, it’s fictional. Other than that, hope you enjoy it.

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Yeah, I've noticed this stuff too. I especially like how we appreciate the series again. Anyway, I am quite shocked at the double standard a lot of people have with fandom. The idea with "Pokémon" is that you don't have to like something popular. By contrast, if you don't like "Star Wars" you're evil. I thought this taught us we didn't have to like stuff that's popular?

On another website, Pokémon is ranked as the most influential thing in artwork period. Anyone who's against that is worse than Jar-Jar Binks! I remember being a fan at the time this came out. Endless creativity that this series has inspired shall live on forever. Don't worry, the description's changed for the Pokémon collection!

you know, your pretty dang cool!

you make a point, your brave and you like pokemon. if thats not cool then I dont know what is.

RazorHawk responds:

Yeah, its hard in today's day and age, but its still out there, and we the fans are still out there.


Lol nice discovery!

It's also pretty neat to see that a 26 year old isn't afraid to use a Pikachu as their avatar on NG (even if it's an ass-kicking one).

RazorHawk responds:

Yeah, I'm 26, I won't deny it. Some things are hard to put down after you spend so many years on them.

I know, most of the stuff in the Flash has been changed a long time ago, but I swear, it all was there at one point!

im against

i usedt to like it but no good episodes loses my attention thats why they had to show diagal and palki thing when they battle i dont wach it but i call them phukamon cause thats what they called it on south park phukamon

Thank You

i dont know y everyone in my school hates it. its a good series. sheesh