Samuri part1:agents smith

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THis is the first part of samuri's missions this is kinda just an intro the next ones are to have much better stroie line ...



omg that was lame.
the ppl looked okay. but the environment was a joke!
it had little sense. they came together but you didn't show what happened. then like minja said he had both hands on a HAND gun.....omg, that was lame.

nice try bro..

hahaha you tired and I give you that... its not stick figures and shit... oh man. and its not fruits and shit. I give you that too, staying away from that fruity fruit gay clock stuff. I give you that... your movie confuses me a little because I didnt know why the agent smith was cocking the hand gun like it was a pump shotgun. lol study up on your guns a little because they are automatic blow backs.


that was bad.Man did a three year old draw this? just bad all around.No more flashes untill you really learn how to make them.take a look around at the actually good movies here.

Wow, they just get stupider and stupider...

How come noone wants to make any DECENT flashes anymore?


you had a good choice in music, but other then that... it needs a bit of work, try to put a little more life into it. for gods sake each char had like 3 points of movement >.<

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May 10, 2005
6:34 AM EDT
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