Kingdumb hearts

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*yawn* no doubt i get many complains of bad graphics and sound, it isn't easy to adept 200 diffrent drawingstyles in the same flash, and sounding like DOnald duck and still make sense is impossible..
At least i hope you enjoy the story.. and if not, give it a second chance, press "c" for the music video in the end

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such a classic

well this was great!!!

i couldn't help but blink my eye... crazy yes... but yea, it was kinda fun... on a stupid way xP, i like it... specially that you took all the disney charecters and final fantasy in the end... but that's what made me blink the most... i was like, oh nononononoooo! Stop xD no more lolz, great job dude.

This is one of the Rogerregorroger's classics... I really like all of rogers videos includiing the one! this is one of his best videos on newgrounds and i can never stop watching this video..