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ASCII Heroes

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My first attempt at a platformer



I didnt really like this game. Nice try and all but I just didnt like the game, it got too irritating too fast. The ASCII work was really good though. Better luck next time

Yeah, I have a problem.

Don't get me wrong, I see you've been working hard, but on the 3rd screen, oh, how do I put this...THERE'S NO WAY TO GET PAST IT!!!!!!!!!! I don't know how everyone else is, but for me, it's impossible. I just wanted to say that. Oh yeah, nice music.

Oh shit!

Damn man. That is one hilarious game.

666 Bull. Hahaha.

Great, damn original and pretty entertaining

Hey yo Chris, its me Kain (from msn) anyway, really liked your game, so heres a review of it:

Graphics- 10 for the awesomenness
Style- 10 for being so original
Sound- 4 for it being so crappy annoying
Violence- 0 for having no violence in it at all
Interactivity- 10 for being so orginal and awesome
Humor 10- for cracking me up (especially the 666 bull)

Keep it going buddy!

i liked it

i liked the music and the game play was farly good boss is kinda gay tho i cant beat it

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Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2005
4:15 PM EDT
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