Sky Ruler

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Lacks the enternally increasing difficulty factor

I was disopointed that it lacked the enternally increasing difficulty factor this works by increased the difficulty mathmaticly.

E.g. You could program it to have the number of ships increase by 1 every 10 seconds, so even the best player would eventually lose.

But apart from that pretty neat, epeacially as a first time.


I'm glad you put forth the effort to make this, but it's very similar to so many other side-scrolling space shooters. On top of that, the ship moves far too slow in relation to the enemy ships, making it hard to shoot them and maneuver out of the way of their lasers. If you were to make the ship more maneuverable, it would be much better.

a score of 2.8? that's undiserving

not an incredibly original game but the controls and actionscript were fine.
make it so u can actually die...i got bored and started killing myself but then realised i'd have to get hit 100 times before i died so i just closed it then went to the circus and came back and ate some ice cream. the ice cream was vanilla and monkey shot me and i died and i voted 3 cause i died.ect etc blah

sorry that happens sometimes when i get bored


This game lacks something... sorry but I really don't know what it is it just seems to be missing and I can't put my figer on it.

not bad

rather unoriginal game, but it was cool.

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2.90 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2005
2:05 PM EDT
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