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LCN is version 0.1 of the web based game now called: inthemafia (.com) The flash serie is going to be based on events that happened in this game going from lcn up to the current happenings in itm.



not bad preview, very short and random, but it looks like it could be an interesting animation when a full-length animation is completed.

Good, but small

I think someone else said the window was too small, so ditto to that. Anyway, overall it looks pretty good, except every family looks the same, and there really isn't lots to look at yet. Keep going with it.

Could be cool

I like how you never see anyone's face.

If you make more, make them bigger, please, but don't change the aspect ratio of the screen! I like to see widescreen flashes. They're so much more cinematic, and we need more cinematic astuteness on Newgrounds.

BacterialBag responds:

Thanks, you will see peoples faces in the episodes but also the black shapes will stay, I try to keep things as mysterious as it can be till it needs to be revealed.


Sounds promising. I look forward to it!

wow nice animation

:P i look forward to more, make it longer next time ^_^! and i'll give you a 4/5 instead of 3, maybe even a 5 but i rarely give emm out
arg i gotta write more -_-
it wont let me submit, anyways
add more then just black shapes k?

BacterialBag responds:

This was just a preview and the first episode will be done soon. Ill probably submit that one to newgrounds aswell. Since it was only preview I did only black shapes to make it more mysterious, episodes will have coloured faces but the mysterious shapes and stuff will stay aswell.

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2.55 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2005
5:02 PM EDT
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