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Sexeymeow simdate V. 1.0

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omfg this game has everything, from ridiculous questions to furry hentai! Enjoy paper vultures!


You guys seem to be new to 4chan humor.
This is some of the funniest 4chan humor ever.
This is AWESOME!
Funny, sexy, and easy!

this game is some shit in a bag


insulting, yet completely pathetic..
low standards, non-existent humor, and iffy art..
shouldn't you be egging someone's house?

wuts the real name of sexey meow xP

rely wut is it

"I dont even know why the heck im reviewing it"


Now, every flash game/movie/yourmotherblams is it's own flavor/kind/color/typeset of pointlessness, but there are some jewels that stick out and are more economically saddening than its fellow pieces of loserdom.

And this is where this particular steaming load comes in. Sure it's a spoof, but the humor loses its consistency and value about halfway through.

Now, I could say this should be blammed to the deepest depths of inf3rn41 int3rn37 n00b h311, but I don't really see the need. I'm trying to convey a point here, and I'm sure you'll ignore it to the least of your ability, but it's the sentiment that appears to count.

My point is: put more mental effort into these "masterpieces" so we can actually enjoy something of more-than-intrensic value from you and your people(whoever they are).

And, no, I'm not some "fake sophisticallated pervo-junior". Was bored out of my mind. Surfed the net. Clicked on random crap. Repeat. Then thought about it. Then clicked some more. Repeat.

So, yeah; my review is prolly made of the same amount of fail as the above flash. I really hope you improve... seriously.

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Credits & Info

2.20 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2005
10:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody