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Trix Rabbit Justice Ad

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Thanks for the front page, Newgrounds! This means a lot to me. Thanks again to all who view, vote and leave feedback!


Trix is not just for kids, and the Trix Rabbit Liberation Foundation has made this educational ad to inform you of the truth.

This is my first finished flash ever. I've had stuff lying around for years and last week I decided I'd finally bunker down and finish something. I'd like to produce a lot more flash works in the future, so stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy my first video here. Thanks for watching!

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Really funny

Really funny, and somewhat sad.

Give the rabbit his Trix already!

True this is meant in fun but it does have a point. most other cereal characters get to see or taste their cereal without anything bad happening but the "Silly Rabbit" never gets to keep his. What is up with that?

This has already been taken care of

Family guy had the chinese version of the comercial andthe rabbit killed the kids saying "you share!"

About time someone spoke for the rabbit!!!

I really do hope he gets some justice and they let him have some cereal for pete sake!!!!! I mean its been like years and all he wants is some of HIS cereal!!!! Just give him some of his cereal and lets stop this before it blows up into something out of control.

u should do...

1 about the coooookie crisps wolf