Chrono Trigger Unglued 08

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Edit: Okay! The sound loop has been eliminated, and the spelling errors (yes, there was more than one) have been fixed.) Please enjoy the less crappy version of EP 8!

Hey everyone! I told you number eight was coming soon, but I bet you didn't think it was THIS soon, eh?

Anyway, episode 8 is a little more action-oriented than the last few episodes, so everyone who was whining about too much text can have their pacifier. Not that there isn't a lot of text, just less than usual ^_^

In this episode, Crono has to try and help his fallen companion. Of course, it won't be easy. Where's the fun in that, eh?

Oh, and don't forget the bonus scene! It's a little, I dunno, odd and referential, but those who get it should like it. Plus, it lets me use a favorite character I haven't used in a while.

- Cryo


I'm a genius, not a McCoy!

He's dead, Chrono. Funny how alchemy has reduced medical science to "Input potion for desired effect", huh? And points for Lucca, using logic to put Chrono in danger (again). Only thing is...did we REALLY need the Metal Gear Solid reference. Oh well, less brain-scrambling nonsense and more regular nonsense. You know, I don't remember any of those monsters being that tough...

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Do you want to save?

I love CT, and MGS, so the combination of both made me pee in my pants... just a little bit :D Oh, and say hi to Ms. Palmer's five daughters for me! HAHAHAHA

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Can't we all just get along?


best line of all time.

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Looks loke Lucca and Taban made Codec 1005 years before Mei Ling.

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good and

if anyone wnats to watch the bonus scene when you beat the hench before you leave the room click on the red book and get to the end of the flash and click on the bonus scene button

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Apr 19, 2005
1:03 PM EDT
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