The Apartment V.2

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hey i would say this is a big impovement from the last version i took every ones advice from the last one except trying to get the enimies to defend themself was just to much of a hassle with the game already half done maybe if i have time ill redo the engine, until then the only new updates will be new fighting moves and weapons maybe even some levels



Well i did like the improvements you did to the flash, you colored each floor of the 3 storey building and i thought that although the background music was annoying it was good that you had the option to have it in the background, next step will be to add alittle bit of a storyline to the flash and maybe adding alittle bit of a COM response for the sticks, so your not just killing them easily. Good start and this was way more better of an effort then the first.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

not to good

i didnt like it. only 5 people, and that annoying music playing over and over again. you could do better. the other people didnt mave except when they were falling down. BORING!!!

wtf was that supposed to be?

all you did was kick,punch, or shoot people and you could kill everyone in less than 20 seconds.the people didnt even try to defend themselves.its too short,too easy and,too repetitive.>=-l

its ok

its ok but would be better if the jump and flip did something and it felt weird just looking at like the animation was wierd


Theres not too much to this game, and is very short. I liked the style of the game but it would be good to see that you could do other tasks in the apartment and make more levels so it wouldn't be too repetitive.

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2.65 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2005
10:27 PM EDT
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