Egg Hunter

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After 3 months of hard work it's finally here. Egg Hunter is my best game to date.

The game lags. Please download a copy if you aren't using a fast computer. Only download if you need to, it uses my bandwith up.

The game is hard. Go to forums.glaielgames.com to get help.

This game includes 6 major bosses, 4 different guns, and 2 boot power-ups. There are 125 rooms in the game.

Sorry for the large filesize, but it's a huge game, and it wasn't possible without the large filesize.

I hope you have fun playing my greatest work! I had fun making it.

Music: Me
Programming: Me
Game Idea/Storyline: Me
Level Design: Me
Graphics: Me

If you like this game, visit www.glaielgames.com for more games of mine. There are even some that I dodn't post here on NG!

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this is a game that a preschooler would play horrable gam


kindAAA goOD aND bad


props 4 the graphics dude but wheres the story???name????Ive played babyish games that are WAY better at a backstory, description of character, etc.the truthe is... this creator is a retard...no offense......but even I could make a better fuckin game and i cant draw wortha shit!!!!

Not so great...

The game definitely had potential, but there were glitches everywhere. I fell through several platforms and ended up somewhere else in the room. I jumped one place and ended up somewhere else. It is hard to dodge anything when you move so slowly and can't jump over enemies. Without a map, it's easy to end up going in circles because it takes so long to get from one place to another.

I liked the music and ambient sound, but the constant firing of the turrets got really annoying. The background design could use some work too. The egg was animated well, and movement was smooth, but could stand to be a bit faster. Overall the game needs a serious upgrade.

Keep at it though.

Credits & Info

2.77 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2005
2:41 PM EDT
Adventure - Other