RW: Hoodwinked!

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EDIT 04/06/05 11:08 PM: Wow! Daily 5th place! Thanks, guys! :D

EDIT 04/06/05 1:50 AM: Fixed the @&$^&* preloader. By the way, Novvy's arms ARE supposed to twitch as the movie loads. He's a spaz, y'know.

Been a while since Aloe Vera, but here's another one by me. This was on my webcomic Ragnarok Wisdom during April Fool's; since it's not April Fool's anymore, I've changed a few things to make it portal worthy.

You'll notice Lucien Dodge and Matt Massey are credited as voice actors for Novvy the Novice; both of them have VA'ed in high ranking Portal submissions. Matt Massey was in the Arfenhouse and 8-Bitch series, while Lucien Dodge is featured in The Real Legend of Zelda 2.



I really liked this, but not everyone will get it.

Being a fan of the RW comics, RO, AND Bill Nye, there wasn't much that was lost on me here, so I found it pretty funny.

The graphics are definately awesome - it CAN'T be easy taking a character usually drawn in a webcomic, and then sticking him in a flash - and making it look good at the same time.

Style is what really got me here. It's a little hard to tell with an NG-style flash window, but if you actually go check out the webpage, it's really something else. You can hardly tell it's not done on the actual website, and that it just somehow HAPPENS to interact with it somehow. Really convincing stuff.

The only thing that really got me on the sound was the voice-over. It just seemed like it was recorded a little too loudly. Who knew the Bill Nye theme woulda made a good song to fight by?

Violence... Meh. Not really any of that here.

I only gave interactivity a point because of the options at the start, which are pretty cool. Especially the subtitles thing.

Humor - explained that one up above. Unless you're easily amused, you probably aren't going to get it as well as someone who's familiar with what's behind this flash.

This gets a 9 overall with me. Sure, it has it's flaws - but they're so minor and barely noticeable that it doesn't really take away from a good flash. I hope you'll do more of these sometime!

Pretty good...

I liked it, because the art was pretty good, and the humor was GREAT.

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OMFG!! This is so eff'ing funny!

nice job very funny . it has some flaws like sound ,but good none the less

Ha! not bad at all!

That was pretty cool man. Its true it was very random but quite obviously it was supposed to be. I liked how at the start of the boss battle it did the old school star fox music. That brought back alot of memories of playing that game. Bill Nye's head in a flying saucer is definitely something you dont see every day!

I liked this man.Creative ideas usually work and this did work for sure! 4/5

Loved it

I think the website background worked awesome with this. The animation was funny too, considering who he was fighting. Keep this up - your comics are funny too.

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3.91 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2005
1:52 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 5th Place April 7, 2005