The Japanese Pokerap 2

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This one's almost as long as Lesko's Revenge, but I think this was more exhausting to make. If you're not familliar with Animutations, I'll tell you. Animutations are odd music videos usually set to Japanese Pokemon music. They feature all sorts of cultural icons meshed in, as well as tons of private jokes that only certain groups will get, but it all has a certain order to it that keeps you interested (hopefully.) In other words, it's WEIRD ASS SHIAAAAT.



Dude, if you ever need someone to push you out of the way of a speeding car, just call me and I'll try to get there in time. Seriously, you are my fucking hero. It feels weird praising someone who is almost 4 years younger than me, but god damnit, you deserve it. How do you do this stuff?!?! I mean, this work is so good that it is advertised on STILEPROJECT for cryin' out loud!


i like

i love this dude great job

here are the line's i love

you are now under my control. please pass that bottle of mustard. don't ever deflate my stress relief clown again! you can't fight city hall, sonny. someone backwashed in this. yeah, that's right, i'm a dinosaur. how many triangles do you see in this picture? once i signed up for pony riding lessons. but these were ni ordinary ponies lord no... *wide eyes* lol great job neil

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Fucked up in a good way

Jesus tap-dancing Christ . What a fucked up movie . Though it was funny as hell , just because of how random it was .

Wow dude.

I think I can die happy now that I've seen that

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3.88 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2001
5:55 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody