Miss.Dynamite XVII

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April Fool's! Miss.Dynamite XVI was done by me and my sites and accounts were not hacked by some crazy angry hacker because of my Terri Schiavo clip. So please, America, do not bomb Hungaria! I'm sure some are happy that all the hentai is intact, while some are sad, since I did receive plenty of death threats. I guess that's what they call Christian love.

I'm putting a stop to the interactive part of the series for now, because it was getting redundant. And I might be able to write better stories this way (but probably not, unless you like trash and poor taste).

If you think this is too short, well get used to it. I'm doing this pro bono and animations of three or more minutes take way too much of my time. And they take all the fun out of it because I never seem to see the end of it. The episodes need to be shorter if you want to see more than one once a year.

I read most of the reviews you write, unfortunatly there's so many I can only answer a few of them.

I'll be at the Toronto Expo in August by the way.

That's all I can think of, ENJOY!


Sirkowski you rule!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

it was hilarious....I know all 10's was little drastic but it was a joke but I'm giving you 10 anyway.

This is cool

Keep it up, I can see much talent in you :D


I wanted to see that! This is such a hilarious series!


sirkowski, this sucks!!!!!!!1111111 lol, jk, good movie, anyways always looking forward to the next miss. dynamite

I need to find the pics on the wall...

hahaha i loved it but one thing...where did you get those pics on the pervs wall? I dont want to veiw them or anything...I'm uhh...an activist yes thats it...and i want to ban them for good!



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Apr 1, 2005
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