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The Worst Flash Ever ep.5

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*News, I have plans to make thes up to episode 10 and then retire the series and continue on with my Surreal Apprentice and a new 24 parody "one". New episodes in late may.*
From The Creator of The "Underdog of the week: The Surreal Apprentice", comes Episode 5 of the Flash that prides itself in being utteryly random and poorly animated. This time im giving a long overdue tribute... to black people. and an animated Sulu dance! ENJOY!



Yay. I was looking for the suludance. yay 4 u

You did it again

Man that shit be kicking!!!!!
I'll be doing the sulu dance for awhile


i felt the incredible urge to give you a 10 and i dont know why. its like the behavior of fish trying to return to their spawn up river. i got teary eyed. congratulation asshole...you made me cry in front of my drill instructor....basterd


...but you are simply incapable of creating the worst flash ever. try as you might, you cannot ignore your own genius. Sure, it probably took no effort at all to make, was arguably offensive to some, and could have killed an epileptic at the end, but your timing and use of your chosen photos is brilliant.

I know you want to make a point about what makes it through the portal, what gets blammed, etc etc, but I am still reeling from your use of the Black Power Ranger...that was gold! And the Sulu Dance...

...I'm sorry to break it to you, but this flash was very funny, and believe me, just what I needed after today! Thank you.

BustaPlate responds:

Nothing better in a flash than a background that could possibly cause seziures.thanks for the great review, and keep your eyes open for new episodes of this, and my Surreal Apprentice.

a one of a kind series

this is rediculasly stupid...but that makes it funny! if anyone trys to imitate this to get on NG they will prolly get blammed because they can't do it the way u do it :P

BustaPlate responds:

thanks man, thats exactly what im going for.

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2.70 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2005
11:18 PM EST
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