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it reminds me of mortality actauly. and for those dumasses out there that dont know what mortality means it means you dont live forever. (sniff) that music just sets the mood man made every thing connect. (it also made me think that every one needed help at birth and made me think some fucked up stuff to like. if we all were born like a butterfly killing our mothering womb at the same time we would all live like the profit noa you know the dude that built the ark but no that is no good now is it. the mother has to live.)yeah thats right. and also it reminded me that we are dependent on our parents to take care of us. that cuts of time of life. yeah! like our world is changing as we know it man and we are not going to live very long. o yeah we are going to live long enough to see it be destroyed and the retarded generation after us will destroy it even further. kids these days they got no respect for any one else man. they diss there elders they make retarded noises and they put every one down and they are so fuckin small. if it is any one that will kill the planet the kids that are 14 in 2009 will fuck up the planet as we now it. you...nevermind im off topic. back to the point the movie is so touching. please make more. i love it

OH NO!!!!

Aww man I like haveing someone to depend on sometimes. Its nice to have a girlfriend and I suppose one gets attached to ones significant other sometimes to a certain point.... Luckly for me I don't see the counter for my life it makes it so much more fun. Poor butterfly... if I was a butterfly I would go suck on a water mellon.... wow now that was random. Good job, thanks for makin me think and dust off those cob webs on my brain. Keep up the thinkin work.


Woot for RazorJam!

Great job man!

Nice movie!

I liked it! :)



I liked it, You dont see to many movies that have a moral.

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3.87 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2005
2:18 AM EST
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