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A strange man begins to change his ways.

"It made me feel very nice, it had a really warm feeling about it." - Firth



I've been watching things on Newgrounds for a very long time without being bothered to sign up and actually review things. I watched this yesterday and thought it was great, and got pretty pissed off with people comparing it to David Firth (damn, I mentioned him as well!). Well, today i've registered and made this my first review because I liked it (and because it was on the first page and i'm lazy :P). So i'll just say: Good job.

I am disgustingly disturbed.

And I could'nt be happier. This is what I call ART. Suffering, deep, dark where the hell is my soul art, but art nevertheless. This is a creation from the guy who brought us the hilarious "John Kerry in Vietnam"? No one can question whether this guy is a one trick pony or not. A master of comedy and a true observer of the dark side of life. Jeremy, your talent is well noted.

I also agree...

Just because its weird dosn't mean its not of its own creation from another artist. Though the style of many Flashes have the same style of other well known artists that are not of Newgrounds, even Firth. Sooooo, yeah stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

LOL...I like being right :D

Who are we, to say...

...That David Firth is the only one on Newgrounds, to be aloud to have a twisted mind? If I could make flash... Then, my work would be alot like Firth's... And, Alot like Jeremy's.

I think you (as in the people who believe this is a Firth-Ripoff) have no right to say this flash is Crap, souly because you believe Firth is the only one who can make any Twisted flash' these days.

I say... Psh! Bravo. This is Your work. But, I agree.... Firth Inspired.

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Long time no see

I haven't made a review for ages, but I just couldn't help saying one thing.


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4.10 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2005
2:23 AM EST