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CCL game

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ok before you say it.. it's not stolen! we built this for CCL who kindly let us submit a cut-down version on newgrounds for you to share. it's based on an old game called "the incredible machine" and the graphics have been kept simple to keep it fast on most people's computers. if you want nice graphics you might want to check out our other submissions instead! i hope you enjoy messing around with it.

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Quite unique

What I thought was really weird about this was how I didn't know what some of these things were at first. I thought the wave thing was a drill. It certainly wouldn't make any sense like that. What I thought was the best was how you could really experiment with this game but another downside was that it just took so frigging long to find the right combination. It could have also used some more color. The all around graphics are still well done.

The sounds are nice and they synch up well with everything. I like how these little things just go off whenever they are doing nothing. It's interesting to note how so many of these things fit together and how each part is very important. It takes awhile to understand it, but it might be worth it to complete the level. I have to give you props for coming up with something original.

needs more levels

needs more levels but its still good. you should make a 2nd one

Great game!

Needs more levels though.

still. VERY good, nice job.

fun but hard

i might be stupid but i cant get this game. i think it sort of throws you in instead of gradually getting harder. but its still great graphics and a great game really

So frustrating

I really like this game.
It confuses you with extra pieces when you don't need them all so you build something that fails.
It's very clever indeed.
Also great graphics.
Nice work.