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Hold down the buttons on the remote control to make the robot do sick disgusting things. BAKULA built this robot with the power of the universe of 10 45


((( HAHA )))

Haha ok that was cute, the artwork on the robot was cool with real good shading and even the glare on the head sheild looked good, the buttons were cool doing 6 different things the audio ones were funny though there could be more, even as far as making a fun series out of this all with some sorta adventure with this robot, anyways notbad it was cool...


He has a criminal brain!!!

Hmmm... The buttons really didn't do a whole lot in this one. I was expecting really gross things to happen... But, alas, I was left in a state of dissapointment.

Rotating your arm 360 degrees, while impressive, doesn't really stack up to tearing the skin and flesh off of a cow as far as grossing people out goes.

The "I'm giving myself an oil job" was... Strange... Was that innuendo?

The spray-painted green logo wasn't very interesting to look at either...

The swolen brain/mind control part was kind of cool....

And the vomitting. This was pretty gross. The fluids looked very real, and it was nicely done. I guess, after that, that robot won't ever go to Taco Bell again.


once again weird... but, great!

bad rap

i dont know why you always get bad a bad rap for your flash i love it

not bad

that was pretty strange... especially the 'oil job' and the puking buttons.

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2.18 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2005
12:03 PM EST
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