Stickman & Dustbunny EP-1

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Stickman and Dustbunny are two of my oldest characters. I'n this new Flash animated series I've breathed new life into them and gave the old concept a whole new twist. Even a few new characters join the cast. This is a series I've been planning on animating for months. This episode took about a week total (two weekends) to animate. Enjoy watching this pilot episode, for now, and look forward to more in the future.
(added 2-28)
This is my first ever attempt at a flash cartoon, and with those wanting more...now that the opener/ending is done, I can spend more time on the bulk of the animation, meaning future episodes will be a little longer...again...this is only the beginning. I look forward to sharing more as I finish them. <p>
Also for those having problems with the audio syncing, I think it might either be bandwidth (because so many people a watching it at the same time) or connection speed problems, any advice, perhaps I can fix this and reload, and change it so future Eps don't get the same error.
I'm getting mixed results, some say it's all good, some say it's slow...
All I know is I'm pleased it got such a good reaction for a first try. My thanks to the reviewers.


It was ok But when are you starting #2

You need to pick it up and work with this you just don't start something and then just leave it in a broken down old filing cabnet you take it out and you work with it and you stay with it I know that this little seris of yours can go far and "I Belive in You Yes You" so untill we meet again "Behade Behade" "That's all folks" see ya dude.


loved the music allthough it could use some metal but anyway great ^________^

Short and Sweet

I look forward to seeing this series continue. I think it has some serious potential. Awsome ending music, Goldfinger is great!!!


For ur first summission to newgrounds that was tight the song u picked for the credits was awesome i haven't heard that song since like forever so nice! i will exept it to be in home!!!!!!!

you have some mistakes

get the sound to go along with the animation
this was bad.... bet the oudio correct..
exept for the bad sound thing... its an okay movie

3 outa 5

DustbunnyPictures responds:

I don't know why it does this...I'm guessing bandwidth vs # of viewers...sometimes it's smoother on the second go-round

what would you recommend to fix it tho?

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2.71 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2005
2:39 AM EST
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