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TERRAIN: Chapter 3

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Front Page! THANKS! :) **UPDATE: Better HINT at the Security Field Console (in the game).Don't forget to hit the CONFIRM button!
Here's Chapter 3. Yup, I know it's been a while. Life has been one big fat ball of busy lately. But hey, better late than never. The story and gameplay has been beefed up. Multiple paths, sniper rifles, secret codes and cheats, deleted scenes and oh yeah...SEX! Dex hooks up with a mysterious and sexy alien chick, Gabaldon, who, strangely, knows more about Dex than even he does. This third installment continues the bizarre adventures of Galactic Explorer DEX and his A.I. Enhanced space ship, MR.SHIP. As per usual, you'll need a fast computer to play. Hope you enjoy it.

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I'm still waiting for Chapter 4 almost 16 years later...

Tough game, but rewarding because of the plot and the nostalgia from ten years ago. To anyone that finds this review or game in 2015 and beyond......March Delaurentiis, the creator of this game, went on to do a number of things in the visual department for movies and tv shows. Look him up on IMDB and it will give you the full rundown of all his involvement.

While great for him, sadly this means there will never be another terrain. Thanks March, for your "thesis project." Here it will remain, remote yet serene, confident in its early success and unashamed at its age. Let it be a benchmark......a guidepost; something to remember with a smile on those quiet nights of reflection when you or I think back to what has passed. Do not grieve for unfinished walls, rejoice for three beautiful sculptures.

I admit that this was very different than other games I have played. I thought this was going to be a shooter at first, particularly with how you were in a ship. I was even confused as to what my ship even was. The lights on the back made it seem like it was some kind of animal. I didn't even understand the title well. It's still a recommendable game, because it is unique.

I was amazed at how difficult it could be to navigate through everything like that. It seemed like you could just go anywhere, but it was anything but. I was hoping the auto pilot would be easier. Okay, at least it's easier than what it already looks like. It manages to hold up pretty well.

listen up wise ass because i'm only going to say this once. i HATE your games. why can't you follow doom epiode 1's example and have us hold the friggin charge button (for th second one) want followers? two things:

1) lower the god forsaken difficulty. rated M does not mean higher difficulty.
2) would it kill you to implement some other control scheme other than click-click-click? it hurts out hands and minds. if you plan to re release this game then fix the issues FOR ALL THREE!.

Don't Die SpiderMarch