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"What we play is life."
-Louis Armstrong; American Jazz Trumpeter, Singer

(Update: I guess I need to clarify, YES it is rotoscoped. That means I filmed myself doing the actions, then traced the outlines frame by frame. Also, I wasn't aware of "Stomp" when I made this. Thanks for the votes/awards!)

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This is awesome for 2005.

I miss 2005, back when people weren’t whiny faggots over everything and call a dead child molester in kenosha, Wisconsin a hero and victim.

good animation for 2005

Awesome work

Smooth music and smooth animation to go with it! All with stylish silhouettes to animate the sound. Gets faster and faster the further it goes... really smooth movements, and I was going to ask how you made them so natural-looking but... that explains a lot! Explains other animations I've seen in the past too, since I don't think the rotoscoping technique's been mentioned in any of those before. Nice work.


This is fucking amazing. Especially for 2005, a time when Flash animations generally looked messy and had awkward animation. This is totally fluid and looks great. The human models actually move like humans do. If it wasn't for the fact that I was viewing this on Newgrounds I wouldn't have even known it was made in Flash. Cool shit.