Anybody seen my corpse?

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Well, about half a year or so ago I submited an animation I worked so hard on. it was a music video on a song dedicated to everquest called "has anybody here seen my corpse" though my reviews said it was wonderful my score kepts blamming it, therefore i was unable to figure out what it was that was wrong. well. I have now improved this movie in every possible way i can. the pre-loader used to be more advanced but when it exported for some od reason it didn't work.

No one has any clue how damn hard i worked on this... no one....

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man keep going that was good you made it to my top ten

StealthBeast responds:

Sweet. Thanks for the 10/10

best EQ flash movie..

better than mine, even!! by leaps and bounds!

StealthBeast responds:

yo toocrooked!

I saw ur animation a looooong time ago... loooong freakin time ago XD

I think i gave it a 5 at that time just cause it was related to evequest XD

This review has gone LD

Awsome flash by far the best I've seen music video wise on EQ spoof. I myself have been EQ free ever since they switched their graphics engine over in April of 02 or 03 I dont remember, all I remember is EQ lost 1/4 their clients doing it. Good flash you deserve higher score.

"oh great cleric went LD" "ZONE!" I always felt bad for the cleric having to log back in and no one is there but a camp full of nastys >.< "you have died and lost 8 hours of your RL game time O.o "

But ooooooh man I get the urges to get a new account .....doesnt help during Xmas EQ emails me saying they reactivated my old accounts "shakes uncontrolably".

EQ=destroyed life
Me=lost 2 jobs, 1 girlfriend, 5 friends, 1 apartment, lost alot of weight and the ability to deal with RL people.
Me now= EQ free own my own office got all my old friends back in a long term relationship and I have a house no more renting! But boy EQ can destroy your life if not careful.Hell it has a warring on box before you buy it saying this too O.o

StealthBeast responds:

i recently unninstalled everquest....

they overnerfed... now the max level is 75 and u can get to 40 in a day... 50 if you know what your doing and know the right people...

it's NOT the same game anymore... its a new everquest... like... everquest 1.5


I used to LOVE that song when I still played EQ.

By the way... Winter's Roar was a surprisingly great emu. GMs would get to you right away, and they worked with everyone to make their gaming experience good. I had a great time on there.

But yes... I have to admit, I've finally moved on from EQ. Though I had been playing since I was 8...

StealthBeast responds:

Im not reall into winter's roar for a number of reasons (non massive population is the biggest).

also, it's illegal (patchers that overwrite files in the everquest directory are not legal lawfully nor... sonily?)

ive moved on for the most part from eq.

i think i may completley retire after i create 1 last animation on it


Awesome movie man, I remember the movie this one was based off you did a good job with the animation and sync. Liked the glowy ball

StealthBeast responds:

this is based off of no movie. i made it from nothing but my brain, and the mp3

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4.18 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2005
7:53 PM EST
Music Video