Bear And A Banjo .V2

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same bear with a bamjo again, tried to improve some graphics, and changed a few things, no more kangaroo`s, just snakes.


kick booty! yeah!

To be honest, the graphics could use a bit more work. The characters however are quite cute. The graphics are much improved over the first version. You are getting much better. The animation {motion} is really good as well. From the break dancing zebras to the head banging squirrels and birds, the characters are very good. The bear looked good playing the banjo as well. Overall a very cute and warm looking movie.
You are developing quite a nice style and I think you should keep at it. Your art skills took quite a leap forward from the first movie to this. You will only get better I am sure.
As far as sound, I cannot say enough good things about the song. That is some kick ass banjo playing in anyone's book. Quite the catchy tune as well. The sound is also well mixed and except for a few seconds where the sound seems to catch, and seems a bit behind the animation overall it is perfect.
I reviewed a 10 on violence just for the scene where the monkey flattens the bird with the symbols. That was so funny. I am still laughing.
As far as interactivity, nice preloader, you added a spiffy logo as well. A scene selector wouldn't have done any good because I deem it a music video so everything is ok there. You took the time to add a stop button and replay button at the end of the movie and those are nice touches.
The humor is a heart warming kind of entertaining type humor. Good video surrounding this song. If I wrote the song, I would be flattered by your video to it. Good job overall, and I hope you keep at it. You really have got talent I think.

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Invisiduck responds:


yOU ROCK.............correction......you banjo!

this is the best banjo movie puttin it put 4 all the banjo ppl out there!
thiz is the shiznit .!

Invisiduck responds:

thank you, though i prefer to rock, though i shall never badmoutht the banjo again, cheers

very very sleek

i like that alot flowed brilliantly great work v nice and many mor eplesentrys that this deserves :)

Invisiduck responds:

thanks very much, and nice cartoon yourself, zool reckons you look like me, but thanks for the review. cheers

good humoured animation

yep, I liked this flash, cute characters, good grpahics, good music, this was a very good, flash, i liked the animation, it was flowing, and this was a feel good flash, a fitting antidote to all the bad things in the world.

Invisiduck responds:

erm, yeah, cheers


i likes the first version and this is a little better :D ,this is 1 of the funniest movie i never seee . Good job ,and try to make another movie like that!!
I gave you a 5 :D

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Invisiduck responds:

well your just great then arnt you, cheers

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3.61 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2005
4:24 PM EST
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