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I'll probably start UT3 when Flash cs3 comes out.

Some of the scripts dont work with flash 8!
Downloadable version at Gamecubicle.net!

First tutorial to ever hit Frontpage :)

Facts: Best viewed in 1024x768
300+ Subjects
600+ pages of info
covers 3 programs + much more
Took 10 weeks to complete

The long wait is finaly over guys! Ultimate Tutorial is here. Its by far the biggest tutorial out there. I really hope you enjoy it, loads of work went into this.
Btw: Sorry for the filesize, but it was over 12 megs before, i already compressed it a LOT!


Knows bugs:

-I <3 you doesnt mean i own you but i love you

-When you keep clicking the next cursor button, the cursor disappears

-The volume button stops working when you select another song

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Man this takes me back, just took a look Flashkit also still exists.

I clearly remembered the tremendous help this gave me back then

Iv been looking for this or else walking code everywhere you are the man!


haha man, I just logged in to newgrounds for first time in years. Cool to see people still responding to alll this old stuff :D

Thanks for the tutorial!
Amanzing! i don't care if the download button don't work i like it.
Side-note:This is my first comment so yeah

Haha, amazing!

How you've done this in 10 weeks really makes me confused