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Feces: A short film

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Author Comments

Man eats own waste. Vote God-Like now!

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This was really short, needs effort

You have a really short animation here, it also loops so thats an easy fix, i explain with more detail but basicly, it will stop the looping its called a "STOP-ACTION-CODE" you can do a search for it in the flash forums for help if you dont understand much about it, also you flash was way short you may want to think about adding more to it or making a number of short flashes so its not just one single one, thats an idea that you could try, The animation, was also too fast you want to slow it down just abit, also you should change up the "CONTENT" abit it might be abit much for some, so these are just a few things to think about, So think of new ideas, put much more effort and really put stuff into it like effects maybe a story of some sort and see what you come up with, good luck on your next entry.

I would suggest to improve on the flash short you could add more shorts and put them all on one flash instead of just the one, but having alot in one flash would make it more entertaining, and make the flash longer with more to see, A short animation you have here, maybe abit too short i would say to improve on the flash as a whole either make this one longer with much more content or, add more shorts in here such as about 3-5 short short animatins that way it doesnt seem like a waste of one flash space and also you get more viewing for alot of your work instead of just one piece, These are just a few things that could help to improve on this.

A very short flash, had some off content but it could use some improving, i explained a few ideas hope that helps abit.



Not even a little funny, not original either, mainly just disgusting, that and poorly drawn and animated, I would be extremely embarrassed by myself if I ever produced such a poorly done pointless piece of animation, and no I'm not being mean, at all, just honest.

A stupid shit joke

Shit jokes aren't funny they never were and they never will be. A guy eats a turkey and shits out shit, then eats shit and shits out a turkey, I wasn't impressed, it wasn't funny it was just pathetic.

could be better

This was funny, but it would be better if it didn't go so fast. I know it's supposed to look like a home movie, but a lot of the text is way too fast to read

a day in the life of you!

that was crap im working on a flash myself next time look at it if you like it put it up dont just put anything up for no reason and if i dont like it ill change it ive changed the hole thing and started again myself but this was just lasy common the drawings were okish you can do it just take more time this was five min job

Credits & Info

3.13 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2000
4:11 PM EDT