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Capt. Low-Rez: Blastopod

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Programmed by Tom Fulp, this game is like Atari on acid!

S KEY = MEGA CANNON (must try this!)

Your shield absorbs enemy life to raise your own health. The more you charge your shield, the bigger the impact!

Also, your Mega Cannon is enhanced when you have a fully charged shield!

The Captain Low-Rez series originally appeared on Newgrounds in January of 2001, but was never submitted via the Portal. It is in the process of being moved into the Portal system, for consistency.

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TomFulp can you add medals to your games?

TomFulp responds:

I'd love to update this to include medals and adjust the difficulty but I haven't been able to find the FLA - I think it solely resides on an old Mac from college and if anything I have the hard drive from it in my attic but maybe not even that.

Great game

So this was nice I like the pixel element here it was like playing an old atari game back in my day lol but the game itself was fun and fast paced really a good shooter game here, as for changes I dont think you need any this was a solid game here very fun

adding some medals to this might be nice.


Aww yes, this is the game I was talking about! I knew this would work better as a game. Sadly, it's still not great. There wasn't much detail with the ships. It was still just pixels. Still, I found this enjoyable.

That might only be because I was motivated to play it. I was surprised at how hard it was. The screen wasn't very big. The enemies were really good at flying around everywhere.

good! if you want more story watch the captain low-rez movies but in the scene here the space pirates where trying to get the pie making machine the the alieons showed up so the space pirates and captain low-rez attacked the alieons they beat the alieons and then captain low-rez gave the space pirates a pie this was in either ep.2 or 3

awesome game, can't understand the criticism in some of the previous comments :(