Goth Boy

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This is getting way more views then it deserves, I apologize for that. I'm not responsible for it getting into a collection. GO WATCH POPE FOR A DAY! That is actually good. I know this one here sucks pretty hard. It was sort of an inside joke with me and my two brothers. I don't hate goths. I am a goth for pete's sake! Seriously. It was more a comment on those high school poser kids who flip on a dime to being goth. I guess the song is hard to understand.

I made this with my two brothers. It was Keegan's idea, and Dave wrote/sang the theme song. I animated. This was just for fun, so please enjoy.


It sucked...

Thanks alot for wasting about 3 minutes of my life!!!!!

i dont get it

whats it about i dont get it


Alright... There really was nothing in that flash. There was a window... anddddd a goth kid who said "Fuck You" Mmhmmm... Maybe you can somehow elaborate it? Continue it? Make it longer? The graphics were excellent though.


yea thats good...NOT!! what the hell was that??

ok now for some constructive critisum-
the graphics were ok but it was totaly random- and not in a good way. there was nothing to it. my advise try again- a lot harder and don't quit your day job.

... ok then...

This wasn't very good. Not only did it incorrectly portray the stereotype, the song was almost incomprehensible and the graphics were crap. I'll give you some points for effort though, since flash isn't easy. I respect you for making a flash at all. n_n But it still sucked.

As a side note, most people consider goths to be angsty antisocial jerks. Have you ever talked to a goth? Nicest people I've ever talked to considering the fact I talk to a lot of people. If you don't make fun of them they're really sweet. Unless they're posers, in which case they're bastards... *almost starts ranting* Yeah, I think I'll leave now. If ya wanna argue you can AIM me. My s/n is kalilamae.

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Feb 7, 2005
3:51 AM EST
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