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Daily Toon SE: FiveStar

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Although the daily toons meybe gone, the ss is back... and back with a vengeance to pwn the newgrounds world of flash... all animation is done by me with audio by flash kit............

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why am i reviewing old movies?

i did a random search for old dailytoons and i found this because i'm a pooper!

it is a shame that the world will never know who killed the dailytoon incarnation.

That was horrible!!!

Short, Stupid, and horrible!!!~~0/10

Dear stars

Every time i watch you guys i laugh uncontrollably
make love to me

FiveStar responds:


*****BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!!!!!!*****

Impressive! Magnificent! Brilliant! You r0xx0rd mai soxx0rz FiveStar and StarSyndicate!


FiveStar responds:



Awww, do teh losers need a tissue cause teh faggots are hurting their fewlings? ;_; Cry me a river bitch.


FiveStar responds:

lol don't copy off of me by tryin to call me a faggot. get a new fuckin insult... your profile shows the true meaning of a faggot.
Favorite Flash Artists:
6. LegendaryFrog
8. -Knox-

Habitat: New York
Job: High School Student

you go to that all homosexual school up there in new york? oh yeah? you respond "yes lol and Tj the third is a name that my mom gave meh cause my shit looks like shit and she thought i was black" i thought so

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3.42 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2005
7:18 PM EST