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UPDATE: Fixed right-click glitch, optimized sound.
It's Here! All levels are beatable. For hints, visit my site's forum. If this runs slowly on newgrounds, visit my site and a faster version will be there. Don't rate this if you "don't like this type of game".
You Can Turn The Music Off! Press "OFF" up in the corner.
The Game Auto-Saves your progress.

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Gave up after it started getting into the longer levels. Not because I couldn't do it, but just because I could make a single mistake near the end of the game and I would have to redo the whole level.

There seems to be this common issue with puzzle games, especially a bit unpolished ones, wherein they don't bridge the gap between a very small margin of error and a very long level.

An undo button would be great with that. Yet as it stands, this puzzle falls into the same trap as others.

If a level is long, it should not be easy to make a mistake that ruins it.
If you can make a simple mistake that forces you to re-do an entire level, the level should not be so long where it causes the player to groan in frustration when they're forced to restart.

An undo button is a great in-between.

Well thought out.

Originally I give the game a score of 9. The game is well thought out, but the music makes me want to hide in a dark place and shake. If it wasn't for the music (which I did turn off) I would give it a 10. I gave it a bonus point though because this game is tailored to those who may have color blindness (which I dont have) but I figure for those who have even the most basic kinds, such as green and blue, they can play this game.

(note: I do not know off hand all versions of color blindness so if there is a version I do not know about then my apologies.)


it ok but somewhat boring

Interesting puzzler

The concept of this puzzler is fairly generic. There are quite a few puzzlers with the same idea, so I'm surprised that I didn't find this completely stale.

The graphics here are fairly rough, with the buttons looking pretty ugly and the rest of the objects looking very simplistic. Some of the alternate backgrounds available are also very hideous, with a couple especially making it impossible to see the levels properly.

It's quite annoying having to push a button to get the blocks to slide, as it would have been a lot easier to just push again in the direction you want to go, pushing the block with it. The addition of one way blocks and blocks that can only be pushed once adds an extra eleent to proceedings however.

Overall, this is a very rough, but competent game that with some polish and shine, could scrub up quite nicely.

good one.. ^^ here's a tip 4 d players..

every one complains about d b.g. music.. ^^ so what i did was, turned it off and i played a loop of L's theme b(deathnote).. hehe.. it made me more into the game.. but thats just me..dont know about you but xD enjoy..!!

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3.35 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2005
6:31 PM EST
Puzzles - Sliding
  • Daily 4th Place February 6, 2005