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BeyondFallout ALPHA

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Feb 1, 2005 | 3:42 AM EST

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Author Comments

THIS IS AN ALPHA! But since NG-Alphas only accepts a preview when the author already had 1 surviving portal entry, I'm submitting it here!

When nuclear war was becoming inevitable, many people realised that they needed a bunker to protect them on day X. You are one of those people and after you created your character (note: You might have noticed that I'm using the same stats as in Fallout), you build your bunker.

The game is about planting fields, chopping wood and rebuilding an environment in which you can survive. The map that is currently generated lacks a very important thing in the game: Rivers. At rivers you can build mills and get water (which is VERY important for survival).

The tricky thing about it is that when your ActionPoints fall below 1/6 of your max. there is a chance that you collapse and spend a night in the open in the polluted environment, causing quite much damage.

Your aim is to survive as long as possible in that hostile world by working in small steps to ensure that your supplied with food, fuel and medicine. Fuel is what keeps your bunker running which makes it a shelter where it is safe to spend the night. Medicine is crucial, as it is the way of healing HP and you will often injure yourself be it when your working or when you get attacked by animals.



Rated 1 / 5 stars

This game is in alpha, so I won't say much. I'll only say this.

It's been in alpha for over a year now. Are you going to work on it?


Rated 0 / 5 stars


this is badly boring in all ways


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sorry. I don't play strategy or RPG

So... I don't understand what to do. I can't cut or build anything, just move. I never played Fallout. It's a ALPHA! Maybe beta version be playable. And I hope player can press those command buttons by mouse. It's not my favorite kind of games(There is no any kind now :). Have no idea about how good it is...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is nice

I like the idea of an updated Boomtown...I used to play the crap out of that game...until my 5 1/4 drive broke...and I like the addition of Fallout stats. That could add a lot more to the gameplay. Also...I was wondering, are you going to make it multiplayer? That was the big draw to Boomtown...sitting up to 16 people in front of a tiny little CGA monitor and taking turns at the keyboard.

man...I really want to play Boomtown now...

Wastelander responds:


I thought of remaking Boomtown as a browser MMO game in the first place, so that's where the idea of a multiplayer would go. Right now, I don't know of any way to make Beyond Fallout MP-playable w/ Flash, but the idea is still somewhere in my head!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice game concept, but here are my ideas

here are some ideas for the full game:

-have the ability to save peoples games

-allow ppl to develop their characters later on in the game(stats that is)

-allow ppl to hire hand to help out with their jobs

these are just a few ideas, but I like the game concept. Also, don't get discourage from what other ppl say.

Wastelander responds:

Thanks for your comments!

I really like the ideas you have.

There won't be any way around a save/load function, so you can expect that in the full game.

You won't be able to change any of your stats later on, but I already implemented some skills that will get better by Skill Pts.

Your last idea was one of the things I considered in the very early planning, it will surely be in the full game!