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The Control Panel

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Jan 20, 2005 | 1:38 PM EST

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the game was simple so wats all the other sh*t about all u do is got o the top right of the screen and click until a switch apears then open the red panel buy swisting the 4 screws and the token things then open the button cover by clicking on da screw and u blow up the world sumthing hitler cant do


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This game was great!

It truely was a neat little game.

I found out a dirty little secret!

Somewhere on the upper left hand corner between the 2 dots is a little egg and you can click that and immediately the button with 3 locks comes up. Just hit the screws out take the panel off and hit the button! hahahaa :P

Great game tho.

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This game is adictive!!! its great 4 a grop of peopel!!!! all and all its hard but it was ausum!

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this is a annser note look away now if you dont want to see it.
Here are the annsers for all you who can’t get it.

1. Click on the 4 screws on the red panel to the left and then open it. Click on the cards. DO NOT TAKE THE BLUE WIRE! Close the panel. Now, match the colour of the screen to the cards once all 3 are matched a light at the top will appear.

Top: R225 G194 B78
Mid: R159 G69 B221
Bottom:R53 G224 B113
NOTICE:The numbers are variable. The chip, if not connected, will blink when you get it right. You may now remove the blue wires.

2. On the right hand keypad hit 1 enter, 1 enter, 2 enter, 3 enter, 5 enter, 8 enter.

3. Attach the wires as follows. t=top row b=bottom row so for example t1 - b3 means attach a wire to the first contact on the top row and the 3rd contact on the bottom row.

t1 - b3
t2 - t6
t3 - b4
t4 - b1
t5 - b2
b5 - b6

4. The switches in the center should be arranged so that when you hit the bottom button the numbers go quickly. They are

0 1 1 1 0 0
0 1 0 0 1 1
0 1 0 0 0 0
0 1 1 0 1 0



5. The circles on the left. Right, you’ve got to light them up. click the circles to light up some parts. click the black triangles to move that circles to the space that dos not have one. (good luck)

6. Ok so you’ve got a button and 3 padlocks. All you have to do is click the two screws at the top of the button and take the panel off.

7. Hit the button!

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i really don't get it

call me stupid, but I really don't. of course i quit afeter about 2 min