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Penguin Jam 4

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oops - edited menu so it stops. :S

Penguin Jam 4 - The Fourth Jam of Penguin.
Contains a sneak preview of the sequel (of sorts) to the award winning PENGUINMATION!

co.uk - It's good for you.

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you getting better but still, keep working.

Your getting even farther but 3 people collab is still very bad. since everone else only puts a sentence im going to break this down into intelligent conversation:

Even though the graphics were much better it had almost no sound this time, only one video was even a little bit funny and it had just 1 crappy sound effect. the rest was niether good nor funny. I want this to become a huge series because honestly I love penguins. when you make penguin jam 5 e-mail me so I can be in it. If you dont like my review you can insult me with comments that sound like they are coming out of a 3rd grader but they won't effect me and will just lose you a supporter. Good luck in the future.


sorry for writting massage on teh review for penguin jam 3 im brazilian my english is terrible, and, this thing sucks 3 wuz better

cool-penguin-0 responds:

It's ok gangster.


CRIPPITY CRIPPITY PENGUIN CRAP ON AN ICYCLE. I give you a zero for having my friend's song in it though. Otherwise it would have been a minus-KADJILLION!
-EDN (not END)

cool-penguin-0 responds:

You can't give out "minus-KADJILLIONs"


I guess it was OK . . . I really didn't get it, and it was a little weird, but I guess it was OK . . . :)(: Good job

cool-penguin-0 responds:


I luff penguinjam!1!1!1!!!!

Penguins = WIN.

I loved the stopmotion. And the cyber penguins.

I might make something for the next Jam. I'll MSN you if I do.

But I'm loving this jam.

cool-penguin-0 responds: