FLY (5 Shades of Green)

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Hey everyone. In case you haven't seen The 5 Shades of Green Collaboration, see it! This is my higher, yet not perfect quality entry for that collab. In order to fit in the collab I had to lower the quality to 30% whereas this one's at 70%. Have fun watching! The 5 Shades of Green Collab should be submitted shortly after this.

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pretty good btw...

wat cell shader did you use, is there one built in to maya? if there is i haven't found it

orb responds:

There is in Maya 7, but I made this in Maya 6 (actually, back then might've even been 5). I just contstructed it myself. It's really not that hard with a little knowledge of shading networks. Make a ramp shader, and under color, set the input value to brightness. Set the Interpolation from linear to none, and put about 4 colors in, from black at the very left end, to a few shades of the color, to white or a bright color at the right end. optionally omit the whole white and black parts. Adding an edge is a little more complex, but not that hard if you know what you're doing. Make another ramp shader, change the color's input value to facing angle, and make the color all black. Just one black. Then go down to transparency and make it so that the transparency is all the way at white when you're facing it, and black when it's facing almost 90 degrees from the camera, this will create the black edge only at edges from a certain angle, like a drawn edge (although I didn't use that in this particular movie, it works well). Then, use a layered shader to put the outline on top of the cel shader.


Right... i've been sick, now let's take a look at- OH MY GOD!!!

very sharp and different

nice style and setting of tone,you did something nice with this piece.

orb responds:

Thanks a lot. Yeah, a lot of people didn't appreciate it, but that's what I was going for.

i bet the animation would have rocked at 70%!

good job i liked it.(i just knew he was gonna die!


i liked thos alot but why was the screen soo lil but becides that this shiznit rox!

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3.82 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2005
4:55 PM EST
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