Broken Saints CH 14 ACT 2

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In this Act of Chapter 14, Kamimura flashes back to the present, and finds himself roaming the lonely crime-ridden streets of Coast City's East Side. He encounters many lost souls here...but when a young many confronts him for money, the soul that is lost may end up being his own.



deep man... very,very deep

Yes, I thought this episode was much better! It's one of the best in the series! It was great to see Jesus there. Or was that Goku? Well, Jesus and Buddha teaming up is pretty cool. I loved the music too.

I really did learn a lot about religion from this. Well, maybe it was more spirituality. I'll never stop thinking about Goku from "Dragonball Z". Whatever, this was great. It was long, but worth it.


I loved it - very stylistic imagery and a delicious dark aura surrounds the entire movie. Very nice - very artistic.

On Situations...

That young girl and her situation makes me quite sad....

But good flash.

okey, let's see...

first i have to say this is great art work, and i liked it anyway if this kind of movie style isn't what i like the most.. so i have to say this is a good movie and a very good serie.. i hope u make more things and submitt on NG.. we look forward to that!..

ehm the music in the movie is kinda tuching.. i get a feeling when u listen to it..
i like the rain that u have created in the start, it looks very nice..

and i have a question for you, and i hope u will answer me on it,
how did u make this movie?.. did u paint in PS(photoshop) or some kind of picture animation program, and used flash to cut the pictures together?..

other than that, veeery movie!.. it makes sense!
keep it up!

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Jan 14, 2005
1:07 AM EST
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