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Everyone's been here, or known someone in this situation :)

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This movie is based on real life experiences. You should of made the girl fat and had her treat her cats like children. Improve the jokes and add sound. No sound can really ruin a movie.

The quality of animation was quite well done, I was pleased to see that even the backgrounds weren't just left as eye numbing whiteness like most other really old Newgrounds flashes. The main joke is quite funny and the dialogue was surprisingly well written and simple to read. A very true fact about Internet dating, which since the year 2000 has only become more and more popular among folks.

This really needed sound or at least some decent voice acting, the dead silence just made the ending comedic dialogue just plain awkward. The timing was quite short and a lot of length could have been added, also it wasn't all that creative since it's more just a common fact just being shown in a real funny way. I could also see this predicament coming therefore it wasn't a very surprising twist.

Not much to say about this movie, it's OK with some decent quality and some well tried humour but without any sound and a much to obvious plot it's just another mediocre, if not below, flash.


A short film based on a silly joke. The art is pretty crude, but effective. There is no sound whatsoever, which is disappointing. The joke is actually a little humourous but it's so old now it's predictable. Not bad, but not great. Average.

the drawings were good
and i like the use of bitmaps
i think the hand should have been pointing a finger towards the keyboard so it would look like they were actually typing

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2.93 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2000
4:42 PM EDT
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