Catch that Goblin

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OMG YES!! Front page =D Thanks

This is my first non-stick flash movie =D
A hungry goblin needs to still his hunger.
So ya.. Vote fair and don't forget to visit www.flashmafia.com
Special thanks to Skaven for the music, and to Rezuth ofcourse >=)



wow i have to say i like it and i hope other people do too really like your graphics and i just have to say well done its really really good btter than i could do well i am learning but i have to say well done.peace man!

I dont know what that last guy was talking about.

This film was pretty well done. Way better than I could do, and since he hasn't submitted ANY flash (nor have I) I doubt he could do any better at flash animation either. I have the program im just lazy.

Anyway, good job, keep it up.

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this sucked

Not bad for your first flash thats non stick but,.... it sucks i could watch grass grow and thats more interesting...

ehhh...if you had nothing better to do..

I get why they wanted the damn goblin and why they would go after him unlike the person before me.. crap if some pain in the ass ibg nosed goblin KEPT frigging comeing into my house and stealing shit I would be pissed off..
that and if those pie pans were the nice knd they aint to cheap..
but it wasnt that good or anything.
but its 4:30 am and what else am I do if Im not alseep..

That was another one! =O

I kinda remember when this was on the front page.. I had no account back then. xD

But i promised to review everything, and so i shall.

That one, like the teaser for the next one, had everything apart from some beter weaponsounds. Your animation style is flawless, and the way the vampirezombiethingies move is all monsterjumpylike. Great job, again. =P

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4.00 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2005
3:31 PM EST
Comedy - Original