Thought as a Passage

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Inspired by some stupid daydream. Not intended to be funny bcuz it's serious. It also goes a bit fast! Enjoy ;(



well, im not a fan of lock or short animations, but i turned a blind eye on this one because there was a good effort in it and it didn't suck

Kinda curious

All right your sig is mapleleaflock. For a second there i was kinda piss. Im from Canada and the symbol of Canada is a mapple leaf. Now i was thinking what the hell kinda grudge you might have against us.Neway i rewatched the flash and looked at it better. The image is clear and the music fitting, the motions are fluid and we have the sense of a notion that we dont quite understand. Why did this happen?. Im looking forward for the next part of the story-line. I am wondering if it will take part in the past or the future. Neway Nice job

MapleLeafLock responds:

MapleLeafLock is a strict copyright of The Lock Legion (lock symbol) and Zach Godin (the mapleleaf flasher). I do not have a grudge on Canada bcuz im canadian! *n00b*

HA HA H---- wait...

o... k...
is that supposed to be funny?
if that was your day dream, then i think YOU should shoot YOURself.

Sorry P-bot*, please dont ban me, but you gotta admit, hes a fuckwit.

* Or other NG administrator

MapleLeafLock responds:

Oh boine! ur gunna be bannd0rZ!!1one!11

Dissapointing indeed...

It made no sense, and highly unoriginal. Tons of flashes deal with suicide, but they have better graphics for the most part. You have the design right, but you need to work on development. If this was a daydream you had, and you thought it was dumb, why bother creating it?

MapleLeafLock responds:

Why not?


Very different. I like it!

MapleLeafLock responds:


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1.90 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2005
9:25 PM EST
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