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Piconjo: Epic Kiss 17

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Piconjo needs teh <3 of a priest :'(

Piconjo <3's j00 all


ummm..i liked trigun song

well. that sucked the big one.
please make a submission that does more PLEASE!!!
DUDE make a worthwhile submission that doesnt deal with 2 boys kissing..if one of those was a girl.... (holding back laughter) GAY


I'm all for artist creativity, but this just looks like your attempt to see two cartoon men kiss in slow motion. I mean.. umm...

You know, it's good that you... can make flash. I can't. I'm completely incapable. So I'm not going to sit here and say "ghey" and "stoopid" and stuff like that, cause I'm sure you had a reason for the creation of two men kissing in slow motion.... ... ..
And who am I to judge?

Is this your way of comming out of the closet?
I had to give it a low score though... cause... there was nothing to it... at all.

not so good

if that was supposed to be funny, then you have a sick sense of humor.
what was the point of all that? there was no point to making this movie.

ok ok, enough already!

look, your art is good. your music choice is good. but thats about all thats good about these flashes. please stop making the same thing over and over again. and yeah i did watch long enough to see that you added in a few effects, but its still the same!!! please piconjo, use your art skills wisely, not on these pointless flash insults.

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only stoping 2 give my daily blam

how is this still on the portal

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1.59 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2005
11:59 PM EST