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Story: You are Weasel and there are Vampires about. Kill them.
-Don't read into it too much, folks, it's not supposed to be too in depth.
A and D for left and right movement
W for Jumping
Mouse for Aiming and Shooting
Numbers on the top of your keyboard for changing weapons.
-note: I'm trying to get the collision detection boxes taken out, but I'm having a bit of trouble re-uploading. Have patiance.

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cant_kill_the_dead = invincibility, your welcome.

Nice game! I wish there was more to it, such as more enemies, or more gun choices, but it's still good. It's a good way to pass the time.

---->>>>>>Rant Mode Activated!!!! Take caution<<<<<<----
Also to the person who said it was a hellsing rip-off:
To be fair, the character does look like alucard. But this is NOT a hellsing rip-off.
First off, there's not enough blood, there's no other characters, and the only simmilarities are the character design and gun use.
Also, if you're a otaku like me, you'd know alucard's original appaerance was based off Vash the Stampede, and the gunswere based off of Ivory and Ebony from (i think) Resident Evil. Hellsing's not a rip-off of those two is it?? Huh?


that was fun.

o.k, but could be better

title explains it all
and to the person who said it's a rip of hellsing:
does the character turn into a giant dog thing and rip everything apart with waves of energy (hellsing anime) or does he have the ability to survive a plane crash take a german vampires gun and shove into there brain ( hellsing manga)?
thought not
noty a rip of of hellsing, just either a similarity or coincidence

Hellfire more like Hellsing

OK in all fairness and honesty you ripped this guy from Hellsing you basically recreated Alucard who is an ultimate king of vampires under the servitude of the Hellsing organization, but im sure you know all this seems how you copied him i mean even down to the most powerful gun and final gun you collect mimics Alucard's black pistol the Jackal and i think the other one the silver one copies his silver one not sure what its called just know its supposed to be a colt 45 anyway im not hateing on it or you these are things ive just noticed thats allill go ahead and give you 10

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4.04 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2005
2:50 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional