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The fat man returns!

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You know that fat guy breathing thing that I submitted under a false name to get everyone's hopes up and then piss you all the hell off? Well, I did. And now I finfished the movie. it really sucks, but I couldn't care less, and I made it in a day.

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No man...no

Really though no. It didn't make any sense to begin with and the animation and voices were horrible. Really I'm suprised this is even on NG.

Not one of Inkfish16's better flashes...

I really like the Boxer Man series, but this flash is not as good as his rest.

Also, MattC, you my friend, are a moron. You actually took this seriously?! Typical fucking Newrgrounds n00b. I've been going here for years, and I have never seen anything that spells n-0-0-b more than what you just said. It's a cartoon, relax. I suppose you also take South Park seriously, too (When they don't have a serious episode)?

think about the fat people!

yeah seriously, im sure a good number of portal viewers are morbidly obese, and if they shot themselves how would they give you a bad rating? summary of this flash: fat guy inhales to aggressive dance music, squeaky person talks very fast, fat guy puts gun in his thing that might resemble a mouth, and its over, well if youre really skinny and wanna boost your self esteem, you can always check this out

Very good...

It's nice to know that you realise you're total crap at flash :) keep it up slim


I like the voices though.