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It seems as if a lot of people think I ripped this off of Ratchet and Clank. I've never played the game. I got the idea from my electronics class, dealing with open and closed circuits and electricity. I thought to myself "hmm, this could make an interest game" and voila, you have Sparks.

I made this game in about 15 hours spanning 3 days. I guess the idea popped in my head and I had to make it.

If you'd like to discuss this game with me, then go to www.covertjamboree.com/f
orum and find your way to the flash section.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Edit: I fixed the glitch with the final spark. Everything should be fine now. Thanks for the heads up everyone!
It's come to my attention that there is a bug with the score when you get no mistakes. For some reason you get over 2000 points. Oh well, no biggie, but it may be wise to close the game and reload it when you want to start over.
Edit...again: Wow! Front Page! Thanks to everyone for making this game popular!


Nice Job.

Shit was hard, dude... but i finally beat it with a score of 1330/2000... That was a great game.

wery good....

its a wery good game but some hard at the 4-7 lvls. i getted to lvl 7

Electric Fun!

Its all about those re-switches that gets me in trouble. I beat the game, but I only scored 500 points. I learned, through trial and error, the path of every spark and therefore simply set them beforehand.

It was barely possible....

You'd think this would be a puzzle game, but for me at least, it came down to reflexes.

What about something along the lines of herding the sparks into the center, but they can not crash into each other, so the game would take more puzzling elements.


Wow what a addicting game i couldn't stop in 15 min I made it to round 9 after that I just gave up it was too i don't know hard maybe??? any way two thumbs up


WHAT?! I beat level ten after like 20 minutes of hardcore in the zone gaming to find out I only got 1270/2000 possible points!! This game is so hard level ten took me less than level 9 did though, cuz after doing it 15 times you learnt which ones had to be turned and it gets drilled into your head. Great game, but ur a madman in my mind, trying to make ppl kill themselves over a silly game. It's sheer insanity. U should make it so u can do more than just turn the things, like some sort of powerups that could slow time or turn things into 4-joint paths for a limited time or completely pause the game for a few scornds so u have a chance to fix the paths. That'd be cool.

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3.84 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2004
8:48 PM EST
Puzzles - Other
  • Daily 4th Place December 26, 2004