Satan Claus

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X-mas special!!! Highly recommended to set it on medium quality.And oh yeh the cartoon is rushed a lot due to my video game distraction. I had to finish it for Xmas. Happy holiday.
Satan claus is coming to town.!


C & H!!!!!!!

if it involves Calvin and Hobbes, 10/10 and 5/5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That kicked ass

If thats how christmas was id get tons of nukes. the only prob with it was that the music was too loud. other than that, awesome.

Dapenchwr2001 responds:

mwahahha im happy


That was so well put together!

your ideas were amazing!

how you switched EVERYTHING around!

it flowed...

you shoulda submitted this yesterday cuz he is on his sleigh at night


oh well it still looks great!

kudos on it passing!

Ill look forward to your next submissions!

everything was awesome all around!

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Dapenchwr2001 responds:

your my savior buddy. I tried to finish yet last night. there was this fucking bug that messed up the sounds and shit.

Great but the sound was horriable

It couldve had better sunds but the story was greeat.

Dapenchwr2001 responds:

The sounds yeh, bad mic. And there was big fucking error on happened to my flash. the mouth didnt match the word, that's because i had to change the frame rate from 20 to 19 in order to make it work.


I was working on some thing just like this. aah fuck it!

Dapenchwr2001 responds:

really? finish it and lets compare.

really im bi-polar

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3.64 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2004
11:03 AM EST
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