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A Synthetic Christmas

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An atypical Christmas short. Enjoy.

EDIT: Since people want to know, here's how I did the Jesus voice:

I recorded myself simply speaking in a monotone voice, and also recorded a guitar track.

Then I used the vocoder in my Cool Edit Pro software. It's an effect that basically combines the two sounds, so it sounds like my guitar is talking. Also, there's two parts to the voice, a higher and lower part that I tried to harmonize. So his voice actually IS music.

I don't know how to explain it any better than that, because I honestly don't understand it any better than that.

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This is a classic.

I enjoy this even though it's just a brief gag. I really like the idea of a stick figure Jesus. He really flowed into the story well. His voice is so funny. Cyborg Jesus is always a cool idea. I just liked the premise.

The animation was really nice too. You did something pretty unique with stick figures. They aren't as popular here anymore. I guess the Stick Slayer did his job. It's just a fun little short.


'nuff said.



It's been too long since I saw this...

But you know what they say: <<SECOND COMING BITCH>> Great Short, you should do another one like it, again with the singing cyborg voice. Everyone seems to love it, myself included, and we're all waiting anxiously.
keep up the good work!