Stolen From Hermes

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This is just a small project i made for science class. I had to do a project on mercury, and since i made it in flash, i decided to post it here. Nothing too special, so don't expect it to be that epic.

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not bad

a bit short, but it was a good little movie.

Hermes Trismegistus! He who is thrice great!

This was ok but kinda boring, but you stated in your comments this was the case. The animation was pretty good it would be better if the dudes spoke but not bad.

DemonEye responds:

Heh, funny you should mention that. i WAS gonan have voice acting for this damned thing, but i only had about half a week to finish it. No time for voice acting on that kind of time.


That was ok i guess, Make the beginning a little shorter though

that dumbass

the dumbass who said that mercurys day is 2 hours is a retard. It takes 58.6 Earth days for Mercury to spin once on its axis. This is 2/3rds of its orbital period (year). The planet spins counterclockwise (like the Earth) and also orbits counterclockwise. HOWEVER, it would be about 176 Earth days between sunrises.

DemonEye responds:

Thanks for that info. I kind of regard a DAY as the time between sunrises, so yeah. The question on the assignment rubric asked how long a day was. I might throw that piece of info in there somewhere, though, as my presentation of it isn't until thursday.


It's funny in it's own little way.

It could've done with more use of sound, the timing was spot on. Didn't get a chance to read some of the text that was displayed as it changed so quickly.

Some people might've found the intro' to drag on a bit too long before it continued though.

Good work, would like to see what else you could do with some more time.

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3.17 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2004
4:10 PM EST
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