Crack Shot

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UPDATE Nov. 9 (Halo 2 Day!): Holy hell! thanks for the front page guys! With that, I think I'm finally motivated enough to finish up several of my current projects (some of which are award potential)
UPDATE:I fixed the glitch where you couldn't kill the finale enemy :) Along with that, I also added in a cheat code, can you figure it out? (It's actually what I used to debug each enemy :P)
Here's a fun minigame I threw together today!
The gameplay is actually dated back to the original kirby game for the SNES, where a bonus game (I think it's called "Quickshot") was unlockable to play that matches this. This game has more levels though, the original minigame has 5 levels.
I hope you guys like this fun remake! Can you make it to the 10th and final level?



not all the great man


I don't know dude, I mean... the fact that the guy shoots you when you hit the key before you see go is annoying. I mean, at first I thought you were supposed to hit it as soon as 1 changes, but it turns out you only win when the word GO is on display. I spent half an hour thinking I wasn't fast enough only to realise that the npcs are too slow. Other than that, the game needs more work, either different interface, or a fairer starting signal. I imagine it did take some work, and the concept itself is good. So you get a five from me man.

too old school

may have been ok a decade ago. now it kinda sucks.

oh my..............

Front page?????? OMG!!!!!!!! this is a really borin game!!!!!!!!!

Did not like it

it was boring and well kinda dumb all you do is hit space kinda lame good try tho

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3.07 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2004
5:00 PM EST
Skill - Other