Light Saber battle.

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Our first attempt to make lightsabers. We used a webcam and two swab-sticks. Then we made the "sabers" in "Photoshop". This is a test.. we will make our own film later on. More battles, different angels, it will be outside and we will have other clothes. You get the picture.

We just wanted to know what other people thought about the "style" that we use.


very well done

when you are using whatever as the blades, put your hands farther from the blade. if your to close, it puts a major strain on your wrist causing extreme pain. I am a skilled swordsman, and have had this happen to me before, let me just tell you, it sucks. the swords were very well done, i give it an 8

Not bad at all.

But for the love of all that is right, please learn how to hold the lighsabers right. When a two handed sword or lighsaber is held, hands must be apart with righthand to the top and left hand toward the bottom. Having your hands close will not only put more stress on the wrists, but has horrable technique and has no durability at all. Good flash, bad swordsmanship. Really bad.


whoa,man this sword graphics u used where fantastic!
i wish i made that!


NICELY DONE DUDEZ!!!!!i wished i could do that,wow dudez.i mean...woah just,woah.it was great,add some cosutmes and a surrounding that fits in the SW universe and it's perfect!

Sweet dudes!

I make My lightsabers in photoshop too. Nice fight, nice graphics, everything is nice. COOOL!

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2.58 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2004
5:23 PM EDT
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