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Naked Melee

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The war between nakedman and c086 alien.
Finaly , nakedmans has the alternatives to beat them down! Quick With your help!
Move your cursor to one of the position , then click with your mouse rapidly and as fast as you can.

update: add 50 enemies
11/2 update:
add VS mode

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This is a great game. Good for practicing jitterclick.

I've tested this, Player 1 has an advantage.
This upper hand comes from inputs where Player 2 presses as P1 does. P2's input get negated by P1's input. Thus P2 is the Black chess set where going second, has to predict when P1 moves and thus must anticipate said move(s).

I like how the Naked people make funny noises when they get punched and stuff.

xD hahahha

I BEAT SUPERMANMODE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love how they move

This is one of the most original games I have ever played because you literally do not do much at all. You simply click as fast as you can in a single time period and then let everything play like a movie. I love seeing the ways these naked men and aliens kill each other. It is almost like an interactive cartoon in that there is so much that is not your own control. I always kind of thought they looked more like gingerbread men than regular men. I also love how they do that funny dance when you win.