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Splash and Dash

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In cooporation with Tom Fulp we reuploaded the game. We had to, because we had to fix some bugs and speed issue.
- Inside of corners gives you an advantage over opponents.
- Use the pit when damaged
- Beware of fuel overload!!! The fueltank will be empty in case of overload.
Read the manual if you have problems playing.

It's a complete race experience, racing and pitting.
Highscores online!!!

All 2004 circuits included in fullversion.

Don't give it a low score if you don't understand the game. We made it for hardcore racefans not for sundaydrivers.

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I admit that the graphics were quite impressive. I just wish that I could say the same about the gameplay. It was basically just the same places over and over again. I probably would have enjoyed this more if I had actually been good at it. The sound effects seemed to be pretty authentic. It had most of what you would expect in a game.

I probably should have read more about how to accleretae. I thought I was going as fast as I could, but I still never saw those other drivers after I fell behind! The colors are what make it as it does have some decent variety. You just need more detail in the background. It's playable, but not worth a second look.

I thought this could be cool... I was let down...

"Don't give it a low score if you don't understand the game. We made it for hardcore racefans not for sundaydrivers."

Well, based on the fact that real Formula 1 race cars don't go that fast in top speed (View distance is limited, and it feels really restricted in terms of movement), and that I was able to finish the game without even touching the brake (When in reality, you would need to feather the brake through the various real life courses), that, and regulation Formula 1 cars are fueled at each start of the race to last them more than 4-5 laps.
And It's rather obvious how skinny that track is, and how huge the Formula 1 car looks like, sitting on that tiny asphalt-starved track.

Next time, have a look around and see how wide a real track is and how skinny a real Forumal 1 car is compaired to the track. That, and make sure that you have to use that brake, otherwise it's still just another game for sunday drivers.


The game i've been looking for for a long time!

Too much noisy

The engine's sound at top speed gives headache!


2/10 the reason is because when cars hit you it does damage plus rubbish game

Credits & Info

2.57 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2004
12:10 PM EDT