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If u like it feel free to leave one but you people haters out there dont even bother, i could care less about what u have to say, im not intersted in that. thanks and enjoy.


((( DECENT )))

Haha that was cool i liked it even the intro was kinda cool, nice sounds and all, more work on the backrounds is needed though still it was cool, hope to see more soon...


it was good

i liked it, the animation was good, graphics ok, some parts moved slow, and the people running were quite amusing. all in all it was pretty good lets see another



Pretty Bad

I thought this was pretty bad. THe sound was the best part.
Other than that the lines were two thick on the guys and it made no sense.
Sorry but total crap


Ok... uhh... your graphics were horrible at best... your style is redundant of many other movies... the sound was good but you probably took them off places like flashkit so... you didn't really do anything.... and you have no plot... and it's short... and the title is the longest part of it...

some graphical parts:
A. bullet-time

And I would like to point out that a person isn't able to take two-three freaken steps before a bullet hits him from that distance or else the guy would be moving very, very fast or the bullet wouldn't go that far...

And you wouldn't be sniping people standing up, you would be kneeling down at best, sometimes crawling.

Also, a person can't jump that many stories without dieing according to the laws of motion.

Another, your stick figures sucked bad...
Your bullet going through the air sucked bad...
The stick figures moving their legs or whatnots sucked bad...

I'm spending way too much time commenting on this...

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2.28 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2004
4:28 PM EDT
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